Founded by the recruitment marketers at Beaglecat, EmployerBranding.tech is a platform gathering insights and data on the state and development of employer branding and company culture in companies in Germany (Berlin) and Romania. 

Having the podcast as the main research method, EBTech aims to shed some light onto what it’s like to be a talent manager, a recruiter or an employer branding manager.

Some of the questions that our podcast touches on: What types of company cultures are mostly appreciated and fostered in Berlin? What do HR and talent managers do, in order to ensure a warm company climate? What are the main struggles an HR faces? With a background in entrepreneurship and currently located in Berlin, EB Tech will critically look at both worlds and extract essential information from both cultures*. 

*Disclaimer: although we initially wished to target Berlin companies exclusively, we then discovered that a staggering amount of the people in key HR roles in Berlin actually come from Romania (or Eastern Europe). If they can fit and adapt their background to the German market, this means there are certain universal principles which guide them professionally and which aren’t necessarily geographically-bound. We aim (among others) to explore them.

Your brand is what other people say about you when you’re not in the room.

Jeff Bezos
The Beaglecat Team

HR Managers, Talent Managers, CEOs of companies in Berlin talk about how they implement their employer branding policies.

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Company culture

Opinion and documented articles on themes such as employee engagement, company culture or general employer branding tips.

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build your brand

A few of the companies we’ve worked with and how we helped them strengthen their employer brands via internal and external marketing campaigns.

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case studies

Analyses of companies in Berlin who have implemented successful employer branding policies.

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